JIM MOSSUTO has been a professional performing artist, story chaser, and world traveler for more than thirty years.  As a singer/songwriter, musician, actor/playwright, and monologist, he is a man with a wide array of artistic expression.  He wrote and performed in his critically acclaimed, musical plays, Caught In The Act, Houdini’s Magic Maze, Something’s Going On (co-written with Sherrie Scott), and numerous Jim Mossuto, Music, Monologue and Madness, shows.  He has three music albums to his credit, Caught In The Act , Colorado loves KGNU and Love, Smoke, MIrrors.  When asked to describe his professional goals, Jim says that, “they are to investigate the human  condition, while continually acknowledging the realm of the mystical ...  Listening is the key.  The magic is all around us.”