Drummer, Spider Web explaining his love for BIG women,

Ally Oop!           

Caught In The Act

Promo Photo

Lee Hill Road House 1985

Scientist Tom Creates The Perfect Woman

The Stunning Doctor Kyra Toledo

My Bali Family

The first Jim Mossuto, Caught In The Act, Band -1979

Jim Mossuto, Caught In The Act with Rare Silk, Jazz Cellar, 1979

Chip Baker, Doctor Mitch, Me and the Fabulous Dodge Travco, Lee Hill - 1987

The Ever Beloved Doctor Mitch

Still Searching For Inca Gold -

1956 to the present day.

Nothing’s Changed!!!

Tulagie’s 1975

“Der Saigle Ho! - Up the sails!” Sailing the Indian Ocean In the Raja Laut


Florianopolis, Brazil - 2005

The Pumpkin Comes to Boulder 1979

Italian Boys In The Hood, 1966 - I dare you.

Central Connecticut State - 1969

“Scales, scales, and more scales.  Life is an accumulation of scales, including the flats and minor keys.”

                          Yours truly, J.M.

Me, Beverly, Jim (The Creeper) Allen Smith - Keyboards

Caught In The Act Album

Michael Wooten

The Toad


Billy Rich - Bass

Caught In The Act Album

Growing in the garden the morning after  my all night 26th Birthday Party

The Carnival Cafe, Boulder, 1973

“Life is a Carnival”

Jean Howe, Ubud, Bali

The Ultimate “Dream Actualizer”

Elfstone - Shannon’s - Boulder - 1972

Watch out for the flying bar stools!

Me and Debra -

Life In The Motorhome

Friend/Photographer of Pic to the left -

Andrew Joel

Joanna - Allens Park, 1972 - Who wouldn’t want to live in a Tepee in the mountains with this woman?  Certainly, not me.  And so, we did. ... It was a step up after first moving in with me ...  in the back of my truck.

Debra - Tioman Island - East Coast, Malaysia

Debra - Ubud, Bali - 1987

Happy Pumkin

Not so happy Pumkin

Dr. Mitch and Jeanny McCarthy, Boulder 1986

2008 - Photo - Daniel Hirsh -

My Dar-link, Meg (Chicken Little) Ford - 1971

The Ever Mischievous Rrrrronda Baby 

In Memory of Mary Gless - “Play Reborn, Jimmy!!!”

Photo -


The Joy Of Hunting Prairie Dogs!

Look, Ma!  No Hands!!!

The Mossuto Family

Hey!  Hey, you!  You looking at me?

Elliot Randall - Guitar

Caught In The Act Album


Chuck Rainey - Bass

Caught In The Act Album

Jeff (Skunk) Baxter - Guitar

Caught In The Act Album