Something’s Going On


It’s Halloween night in New York City.  Sonny Tatulio, a musician and storyteller, has been driven to the edge  of a rooftop in Times Square, wearing nothing but a top hat, sneakers and holding a sign  reading, Something’s Going On.  Rescued by police, he is brought to the emergency psyche ward, where Dr. Maggie McBride, his appointed psychiatrist, has 72 hours to determine his sanity before she loses her own.  Once an accomplished singer, Maggie hasn’t sung in over  twenty years.  But after discovering that Sonny is a musician, she has a piano brought in from down the hall.  And through a clash of realities, two totally different view of the world and nine original songs, the mystery unfolds.

Mystery Of You

Only When I See You

One Piece Missing

Miscalculation Of The Heart